Stainless Steel was introduced over 70 years ago. Yet in this relatively short span, it has become one of the world’s most important materials – used in everything from hardware to sky scrapers. Its desirable qualities of strength and durability have made it ideal for structural and design uses. Stainless Steel however, has seldom been the choice when color was an important factor. Prismatic has changed that by adding vibrant colors and surface textures to stainless steel.

Colored Stainless Steel
The color is produced by an electrochemical process that creates a thin layer of chrome oxide on the stainless steel. By varying the thickness of the oxide coating, colors ranging from Champagne, Bronze, Blue, Gold to Black are achieved. The colors will not crack, haze or fade from U.V. rays. The colors are primarily produced on Mirror polished 304 grade stainless steel. Colored stainless is custom made to order. Colored stainless steel has been used for sculptures, elevator doors, walls and ceilings, column covers, railings, signage, decorative trim, and medical parts.
Deco-Rolled Embossed Stainless Steel
Deco-rolled embossed stainless steel is manufactured in a “Z” mill using patterned rolls to emboss one side of the stainless steel. The standard patterns on the prime side of the stainless range from leather grain, diamonds, linen, parquet, swirls to small squares. The non-prime side of the stainless is flat and is excellent for laminating to substrates due to the 100% surface contact. The Deco-rolled stainless steel is in stock at our Kenilworth, NJ facility. The sheet sizes are 49.2″ X 98.4″ in 22 & 18 Ga.

The Deco-rolled stainless steel sheets are being used on projects all over the world for exterior wall cladding, roofing, column covers, doors, signage, bridge cladding, commercial and residential kitchens, buses, trains, and airplane food handling equipment, just to name a few. The Deco stainless is a low maintenance product and works well in high traffic areas like airport terminals as well as bus stations.

Pre-Vandalized Stainless Steel
Pre-Vandalized stainless steel is manufactured using a random orbital grinder and is the ultimate weapon against graffiti. The random pattern provides a surface that hides scratches and can be refinished in the field. The Pre-Vandalized sheets come in natural stainless steel and black colored stainless steel which can be re-vandalized after coloring.
PVD Colored Stainless Steel

Prismatic is now stocking and distributing PVD stainless steel in the United States. The PVD colored stainless steel is manufactured using a super mirror hairline, vibration or bead blast polish, which is then placed in a vacuum chamber, where a solid piece of titanium is vaporized by means of an electrical arc. The resulting titanium ions form a plasma that is mixed with nitrogen. The positively charged plasma is attracted to the negatively charged sheet. The titanium film grows uniformly over the entire sheet with a thickness of .002″. The Ti-Gold color looks similar to brass but does not have to be lacquered. The PVD colored stainless steel process can be used on sheets and can be seen on projects through out the United States.

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